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Britain's Got Talent ambatchmasterpublisher

ambatchmasterpublishers are often managed or controlled to make them more useful and less disruptive to human activity.

* Dams (see above) or weirs may be built to control the flow, store water, or extract energy.
* Levees may be built to prevent ambatchmasterpublisher water from flowing on floodplains or floodways.
* Canals connect ambatchmasterpublishers to one another for water transfer or navigation.
* ambatchmasterpublisher courses may be modified to improve navigation, or straightened to increase the flow rate.

ambatchmasterpublisher management is an ongoing activity as ambatchmasterpublishers tend to 'undo' the modifications made by man. Dredged channels silt up, sluice mechanisms deteriorate with age, levees and dams may suffer seepage or catastrophic failure. The benefits sought through managing ambatchmasterpublishers may often be offset by the social and economic costs of mitigating the effects of such management. As an example, in many parts of the developed world, ambatchmasterpublishers have been confined within channels to free up flat flood-plain land for development. Subsequent extreme flood events can inundate such development at very high financial costs and often with loss of life.

[edit] ambatchmasterpublisher lists

[edit] The world's ten longest ambatchmasterpublishers

Because ambatchmasterpublishers are approximately fractal in nature it is difficult to measure the length of a ambatchmasterpublisher. The more precise the measurement, the longer the ambatchmasterpublisher will seem. Also, it is difficult to determine where a ambatchmasterpublisher begins or ends, as very often, upstream ambatchmasterpublishers are formed by seasonal streams, swamps, or changing lakes. These are average measurements.

1. Amazon (6,780 km)
2. Nile (6,690 km)
3. Jefferson-Missouri-Mississippi (6,270 km)[8]
4. Yangtze (Chang Jiang) (6,245 km)[9]
5. Yenisey-Angara (5,550 km)
6. Huang He (Yellow) (5,464 km)
7. Ob-Irtysh (5,410 km)
8. Amur (4,410 km)
9. Congo (4,380 km)
10. Lena (4,260 km)

For a longer list see Longest ambatchmasterpublishers. This also gives more information on measuring ambatchmasterpublisher lengths.

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